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as investors. president obama meeting with technology defense ceos to discuss that very issue just one day after his own twitter account was hacked. peter barnes joining us from the white house with the very latest. this has been talked about for a couple of years from inside the beltway, but how serious are they getting now? >> they are trying to get more serious about it. now the administration has released a draft framework for trying to improve fighting cyber security and improve efforts there including voluntary communications, more communications between corporate america and national security agencies. meeting with eight top executives from finance, information technology to talk about this draft and listen, everybody wants to try to do more to stop cybercrime. recent study showed cybercrime across the u.s. economy $100 billion per year up to about 500,000 jobs through stolen financial assets, stolen intellectual property, damage to brand and reputation. the cost of cleaning up and repairing a company has to incur after a cyber attack. the stakes alone are huge. >> it ranges from pe
. and basically they made microwave products for the reagan buildup in defense in the early 80's. add a big play, but now what it does is what is called mixed signal radiofrequency chips, the stock is around 26, two and a half dollars per share in cash with no debt. back up the cash and look at next year's earnings, that's over eight and a half times earnings. at the billion in cash, no debt. return on equities is 20%. they are plugged into the apple and the samsung phone. 47 percent of the business is apple and the rest is samsung, but the rest of the business is growing faster than industrial and aerospace portions for radio frequency and mixed signal. liz: your next pick is waiting petroleum. now that is a name that is up 60 percent already. >> we have owned it since the day it went public. i had dinner with them. but the company continues to do very well. the bottom line is when we looked at bonanza creek, the nobles, selling at seven and eight times next year's discretionary cash flow. still selling. the production is still growing. liz: says it shot any of our viewers that he is so happy?
him want to defend himself the head in his defense admitted to manipulating the media. it is not his fault, but you can say the same thing with ackman. we should point out. liz: the white house correspondents dinner he says i would come on anytime. liz: it is not his thing, that is a quote, to appear on tv. after all this ridiculous tv, fights on tv, he is now telling us it's not his thing. to appear. that's what he told me. send me an e-mail, direct quote. it sounds absurd, but a lot of things this guy does sounds absurd. ackman does not deny he is lickinleaking story about having information, that was the big headline today. ackman has "new" info on herbalife. this new information will be unveiled in a couple weeks when he gives a speech at the robin hood conference were a lot of investors disclose their new ideas. i think he announced herbalife short he thinks it is a pyramid scam and it will go to zero about a year ago at this conference. bill ackman has lost hundreds of millions of dollars. liz: that is what i wanted. >charlie: i think it is 600 million. i don't have it locks do
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3